ControlScan Workshop

Does this sound familiar? You’re sitting at your desk at work, and you have this uneasy sense that something is wrong:

  • Maybe it’s that project you’re working on … you’re just not sure how it’s going to turn out. Of canstockphoto2158283course, it offers more potential rewards than the current process, but also greater risks. Would it have been better to put this project off until next quarter, until you could have been more confident about the results?
  • Perhaps it’s the relationship with your counterpart over in finance. You were a little short with her at the last meeting because you were just so stressed. Now she might not be so willing to give you that extra data you need for the report your boss wants. If that happens, you might make your boss look bad. Could that then negatively affect your prospects for promotion?
  • Or could it be the strategic partnership you manage? You are just not sure if it’s going to hit the revenue forecast that you predicted when the deal was signed. Do you need to go ahead and adjust your forecast down, or be patient for a little longer? What if this partnership doesn’t produce anywhere near the revenue you forecasted … will you ever be given this kind of opportunity again?

The FUD Factor

Doubt and fearFear. Uncertainty. Doubt. They surround us every day. Sometimes they are even referred to as “the FUD Factor.” As the above examples illustrate, fear, uncertainty, and doubt can overtake us in almost any aspect of our work lives, and if left unchecked, they can lead to stalled projects, short-term decision-making, strained relationships, and missed opportunities.

Put fear, uncertainty, and doubt to work for you

Developed specifically for the business world and ControlScan, our workshop, “Thriving through Uncertainty: Putting Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt to Work for You,” which will be held on Monday, April 27 from 11:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m., gives you the tools to create powerful new habits, including:

  • Recognizing when you’re acting from fear-based doubt and why this can happen to all of us
  • Identifying the trapdoors that can lure you into poor decision-making
  • Harnessing anxiety and uncertainty, instead of allowing them to make decisions for you
  • Focusing on achieving your goals through the Greater Good Perspective Shift

Not your typical corporate workshop

Jeff with hammockOh, and did we mention that our workshops are actually a lot of fun? In our own careers, we’ve both attended “workshops” that were really a form of slow torture known as “death by PowerPoint,” with facilitators intoning slide after slide of boring material that you could have just read yourself (but probably wouldn’t have wanted to).

We promise that is not what our workshops are like.

We are, first and foremost, storytellers. We think it’s important to tell engaging stories (and as survivors of the so-called Doubting Disease we certainly have some good ones). More importantly, storytelling is an entertaining and memorable way to share useful information, such as business-related “aha!” moments from the world of science that might otherwise be quite yawn-inducing.

We also pepper our workshops with interactive activities that allow you to apply immediately what you are learning to your own business and personal situations, so that you can begin using the tools right away.

Making these tools a part of your life

You’ve probably been to workshops where you’re really excited during the event and for a few days afterwards. But then the canstockphoto8080959material slowly slips away, as real life becomes once again front and center.

We have a different model.

We want to help you stay excited about what you learn in “Thriving through Uncertainty: Putting Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt to Work for You,” and help you incorporate the tools into your everyday work life. To that end, we will offer two monthly Skills Application Groups for ControlScan after this workshop. These meetings give you an opportunity to set goals, practice using the tools, and discuss your successes and challenges with us and other workshop attendees, so that you achieve the maximum benefit from the time you’ve invested.

Sign up today!

Ready to learn more about how to put fear, uncertainty, and doubt to work for you? Just email Kathy Myhand to register for the workshop. We look forward to seeing you there!


Workshop Leaders


Jeff Bell

Jeff is perhaps known for his two books on uncertainty, When in Doubt, Make Belief and Rewind, Replay, Repeat, and his longtime work as a radio news anchor in San Francisco. He is also the founder of The Adversity 2 Advocacy Alliance, a nonprofit dedicated to promoting and fostering the power of turning personal challenges into service to others with similar challenges.


Shala Nicely

After more than fifteen years in sales and marketing, Shala went back to school to learn how to help others take back their lives from anxiety-based mental health challenges. She is now an associate counselor specializing in the treatment of anxiety disorders in Atlanta. Shala also co-founded the non-profit OCD Georgia and is the author of the forthcoming book, Is Fred in the Refrigerator?

To learn more about why Jeff and Shala are uniquely—if perhaps unconventionally—qualified to talk with you about managing uncertainty in the business world, visit Why Beyond the Doubt.