Workplace Uncertainty

Does this sound familiar? You’re sitting at your desk at work, and you have this uneasy sense that something is wrong:

  • Maybe it’s that project you’re working on … you’re just not sure how it’s going to turn out. Of canstockphoto2158283course, it offers more potential rewards than the current process, but also greater risks. Would it have been better to put this project off until next quarter, until you could have been more confident about the results?
  • Perhaps it’s the relationship with your counterpart over in finance. You were a little short with her at the last meeting. You didn’t mean to be, but you were just so stressed. Now she might not be so willing to give you that extra data you need for the report your boss wants. If that happens, you might make your boss look bad. Could that then negatively affect your prospects for promotion?
  • Or could it be the rumors about how the company is doing? Did Bob in accounting really have the story straight when he said he’d overheard someone in management talking about layoffs? What if you were let go? How would you afford the higher mortgage payments for your new house?

The FUD Factor

Doubt and fearFear. Uncertainty. Doubt. They surround us every day. In fact, the “FUD Factor” is sometimes used in sales and marketing to motivate prospects to act quickly to avoid the “catastrophe” that will certainly occur if some current solution is not replaced.

But as the above examples illustrate, it’s not just when we’re buying something that fear, uncertainty, and doubt can run amok. They can overtake us in almost any aspect of our work lives. And contrary to popular belief, fear is not a good motivator for any type of decision.

The bottom line

If left unchecked, fear, uncertainty, and doubt can lead to stalled projects, short-term decision-making, strained relationships, and missed opportunities.

But you don’t have to let FUD keep you and your company from reaching your goals. Join us for a Beyond the Doubt workshop, where you’ll learn how to put fear, uncertainty, and doubt to work for you.