We all face uncertainty on a daily basis, mostly without even recognizing it’s there. For instance, food may be an essential for life, but fortunately in this country, we take for granted that we’re not only going to have lunch, but that’s it’s going to be easy-to-find, affordable, and tasty. What or when we are going to eat may be uncertain, but we have no doubts that eventually lunch will be served.

Other uncertainties, however, can be more difficult to manage:

  • A new phase of life is about to begin—starting school, moving, getting married, retiring, having children, or beginning a new career, just to name a few—but there is just something about the change (even though you’re excited about it!) that bothers you. You can’t put your finger on it, but a school of doubt swims through your mind constantly, and you just can’t seem to rise to the surface and figure out what’s wrong or what to do about it.canstockphoto3986198
  • Or, change is in the wind—you can feel it!—and it might affect you and your loved ones positively or negatively depending on how you proceed. The real estate market might just be rebounding enough to put that property on the market. Or you notice that your adult son might be beginning to buckle just a little under intense pressure at work. Or the person currently holding your dream position in the company might just be on her way out. But you are not sure what to do, because Director Doubt seems to constantly point out what could go wrong with every decision you could make. So you stall, worrying about the potential consequences of indecision, as the clock ticks anxiously away.
  • Or, in a split second, everything changes. A lay off. An inheritance. A diagnosis. A promotion. Positive or negative, life is now different, and the road ahead is unknown and filled with the potholes of doubt. Without an accurate roadmap, the car’s every clunk and shudder as you drive reconfirms that you don’t know where you’re going, and your gas tank starts to run on empty as you’re fueled with a toxic combination of fear and anxiety.

Thrive through change and uncertainty

But it doesn’t have to be this way. Our workshop,“Ten Steps Out When Stuck in Doubt,” which we are presenting as a live webinar, is designed to help you not only navigate, but thrive through uncertainty. Through applying each of the steps to current situations in your own life during the workshop, you’ll learn how to:

  • Recognize when you’re acting from fear-based doubt
  • Identify trapdoors that seem to offer safety, but instead can keep you from acting in your best interest
  • Use anxiety and uncertainty to your advantage and belief as an antidote to doubt

Ready to get out of doubt?

Change can be planned or unexpected, slow or sudden, positive or negative, in or out of your control. But regardless of its source, we can help you learn to thrive in the midst of uncertainty. To learn more, visit our Upcoming Events page for information about our upcoming workshops and webinars.