Why Beyond the Doubt

You’ve probably heard of OCD, or obsessive compulsive disorder. You’re probably also familiar with images of people with OCD washing their hands over and over or lining up all the soup cans on their pantry shelves alphabetically.

What may be less familiar is that the foundation of OCD is a pathological intolerance of uncertainty, and that people who overcome OCD learn how to handle extreme uncertainty on a daily basis.

What in the world does this have to do with Beyond the Doubt? Well, the Co-Founders of BtD, Jeff and Shala, were diagnosed with severe OCD in their 20s. Like others with this disorder, they fought horrible worries about Shala-JeffCOLORbad things that were going to happen (obsessions) and did all sorts of really odd things (compulsions) to prevent awful consequences, all because they couldn’t handle the uncertainty of not knowing whether something bad was really going to happen!  Whew—yes, it was exhausting! In learning how to overcome OCD, Jeff and Shala taught their brains how to tolerate unbelievable amounts of uncertainty. The result is that they can now live pretty peaceful and normal lives.

You can think of how this relates to you like this: Say you need self-defense training. Wouldn’t it be cool to get it from someone who was in Special Ops in the military? Someone who knows really cool tactics that have been successfully deployed to defeat a highly sophisticated enemy? You obviously aren’t going to be up against a military foe in your everyday life, but wouldn’t it be fun to learn from someone who has outsmarted a deadly enemy who can really show you the ropes?

As Jeff and Shala would tell you, overcoming OCD was like becoming part of a Special Ops squad, one focused on the enemies of Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt.

There’s nothing better than a good story

It’s not just kids who like stories—everyone loves a good story. As you might imagine, as two survivors of the so-called Doubting DisJeff with hammockease, Jeff and Shala have some excellent stories. And not just about OCD. The most entertaining and informative of these fill their workshops, as both Shala and Jeff passionately believe that the best way to teach and to share new information is through story. Participants in their recent workshops have learned how Shala’s throwing cream cheese on the floor helped her embrace anxiety and how Jeff’s evening in a hammock turned into his crash course in believing. You’ll leave Beyond the Doubt workshops remembering stories, and the principles behind the stories, making it easier to apply these new concepts in your everyday life.

Want to learn how to thrive through uncertainty?

Would you like to hear some of these stories and learn how put everyday uncertainty to work for you? We hope so! Sign up for an upcoming workshop to learn Jeff and Shala’s Ten Steps Out When Stuck in Doubt.