Are you in therapy for OCD or an anxiety disorder, but not making the progress you’d hoped for? Are you having trouble doing your canstockphoto1466909homework between sessions? Are you finding yourself avoiding the very things you know you need to be approaching?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, you are not alone. Cognitive behavioral therapy, especially exposure therapy, is hard, and many people struggle to do the work necessary to get better. And it’s important to know that if you are having a hard time, there is nothing wrong with you. You are struggling because you are human, and we are all programmed to avoid what our brains interpret as threatening, even if that interpretation might not be quite accurate.

Our workshops,“Getting Better & Staying Better: The Motivation You Need to Dare to Challenge Your Anxiety Disorder,” give you the tools to approach, rather than avoid, what you fear and learn to:

  • Recognize the difference between fear-based doubt and intellect-based doubt
  • Identify trapdoors that lure you into a false sense of security
  • Harness anxiety and uncertainty to help you get better
  • Focus on getting your life back through Greater Good Motivation
  • Overcome common obstacles to recovery

No “death by PowerPoint”

Yes, we do use PowerPoint slides in our workshops. No, we do not read them to you. Instead, we use stories and activities to help bring the tools we are sharing to life. We have even been known to call on TV shows and movies to illustrate important points.Jeff First Workshop

So, what we’re trying to say in a nutshell is that our workshops are not only empowering, they are also … fun!

We want them to be entertaining because we know from first-hand experience how grueling this therapy can be. During the workshop you’ll see how we, ourselves, leverage the power of humor and perspective in dealing with anxiety disorders. We don’t take ourselves too seriously, as doing so plays right into the hands of anxiety and keeps us stuck in the grip of the disorder!

Incorporating concepts into everyday life

We’ve all been to workshops where we’re really excited during the workshop and for a few days afterwards, and then the material slowly fades from our minds and we go back to living our lives as they were before the workshop.canstockphoto8753196

That’s not our model.

We want to help you stay excited about what you learn in our workshops and help you incorporate the concepts into your everyday lives. That’s why we offer monthly Skills Application Group meetings after our workshops: to give you an opportunity to set goals, practice the concepts, and discuss your successes and challenges with us and other workshop attendees, so that you achieve the maximum benefit from the time you’ve invested.

Oh, yeah … this is not a way to avoid therapy!

Our workshops are NOT a replacement for therapy! Ideally, if you decide to come to our workshops, we would like you to be in therapy with a cognitive behavioral therapist, so that you have someone to talk with about how to apply the concepts you learn to your specific situation. It’s not an absolute requirement, but we think it’s helpful. (If you don’t have a therapist and would like to find one, please visit our Resources page.)

In addition, even though Shala is cognitive behavioral therapist and counselor, she doesn’t provide therapy during the workshops. We are instead teachers who share lots of stories (and believe me, we have some good ones!) to illustrate new ways to think about fear, uncertainty, and doubt.

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