Here are some recent comments from webinar participants:

If you have OCD, you are not alone.

I loved this webinar. It was extraordinarily helpful to me as someone who has felt quite isolated with my OCD. I especially the loved the segments where Jeff and Shala acted out each others “Doubt Bully”. What their doubt bullies had to say to them was so much like what my doubt bully continually says to me – and hearing them actually put it into words and speak it out loud was especially helpful. Thank you.

Your personal experiences/examples made it easier to understand and relate to both the points being made, and OCD in general. Your approach breaks it down very well into the details of the faulty thinking (and ways to change it), and makes it real and relatable, and not so scary. It doesn’t feel like an academic textbook description of OCD. Also, you might want to make it 1 1/2 hours so you can cover a little more, or spend a little more time on each point. Even though I’m familiar with the concepts, it went a little fast for me. It was very interesting and seemed to be over very quickly.

This webinar was an incredibly helpful resource of concrete and practical motivational tools…I am constantly searching for strategies to help me do ERP on my own and learn to thrive with OCD, yet this webinar was a rare opportunity that actually accomplished this. I am so grateful for this webinar. It was not only inspirational, but also the most helpful hour I have had in a very long time. Truly invaluable! Thank you both.

“I found your “4 Keys” very helpful and motivating. I look forward to trying them out.”

“I really enjoyed the personal stories, it makes such an impact knowing you truly understand. Thank you for making other OCD sufferers part of your Greater Good. I hope one day, I can do the same.”

canstockphoto12588558“It was very helpful and refreshing to hear from two OCD sufferers who have not “overcome” OCD, but are thriving with it. It makes life much less lonely. I have done better on my rituals and compulsions this week simply from feeling not so alone. Jeff’s story of him being told about the typos in his book @ a book signing as well as the publisher printing books out of order was very helpful to me in living with my own perceptions of perfection and control.”

“The lived applications of the skills you taught made you people more relatable. In particular, pointing out that you still sometimes fall short of ideal in your mindsets and actions helped to establish common ground, thereby encouraging me that I, like you two, can also get it right a bunch of the time.”

“I appreciate your sense of humor and how you’re so personable. enjoyed watching you guys :)”

“Easy to understand and follow even for someone with not a lot of knowledge on OCD. It was a great reminder on the steps that I need to take when dealing with an OCD thought to avoid engaging in the compulsive behaviour.”

“Just the ticket for those who are contemplating ERP but are ambivalent about doing so. This webinar will coax you over the hump and enable you to do the difficult thing in order to make life better for you and those around you.”

“Made me feel less alone with my long term OCD.”

OCD is a serious disorder, but we try not to take ourselves too seriously, as we share in our OCD and dog poop story!

OCD is a serious disorder, but we try not to take ourselves too seriously, as we share in our OCD and dog poop story!

“You two are far along on your wellness path, which makes you great leaders. Those individuals that are deep in the OCD woods with their illness and those that want to remain out of their OCD woods, can gain real value from your webinar(s). Even though you speak with authority regarding the OCD topic, you speak from the street level: both natural, full of spirit and easy to listen to. I loved your personal stories about the “poo residual on the sidewalk” and the “diet coke experience”. I get the plight totally! I appreciated you poking some fun at your OCD triggering experiences. You can laugh or you can cry. You two laughing is effervescent, full of life and promise (so much different than OCD prison). Thank you for being soulful, for caring so deeply about humanity, and thank you for all for that you do.”

Here’s some feedback from workshop participants:

Getting Better & Staying Better brings together a group of intelligent, highly motivated people who want to help you help yourself. I’m learning that the goal isn’t to get rid of my OCD, it’s how to be happy living with OCD.”

“‘Purpose and service trump fear and doubt when given the opportunity.’  A quote from Jeff not me but it really resonated. :)”

One of our favorite quotes from Steve Jobs. Don't lose faith ... you can get better from OCD.

One of our favorite quotes from Steve Jobs. Don’t lose faith … you can get better from OCD.

“The values-oriented focus of the workshop rocked! I also liked the affirming message that we can get better. Also, loved the Jeopardy game.”

“Really enjoyed it—thank you! I think that this is a great workshop to provide a high level overview and a great event for newbies to attend. Thank you!”

“I liked Shala’s approach to ERP and want to learn more about it …”

“I thought it was well organized and well planned out. Handouts were helpful. I enjoyed how the environment was open—no one was forced to share if they didn’t want to … I enjoyed hearing other people’s stories, encouragement, and words of wisdom.”

“Great presenters, very engaging, good material.”

“The workshop was very helpful in crystallizing OCD issues. Injecting humor helped to hold my interest and accept the most difficult aspects of OCD. Hearing personal experiences of the panel was inspiring and encouraging.”

“Awesome — good practical advice and lots of inspiration!”

“When you’re dealing with anxiety & compulsions, all you want is for the anxiety to go away —I thought the most important thing I took away was not that the cessation of anxiety is the goal — rather, accepting & living with the uncertainty is the goal.”

“I have had the privilege to watch Jeff and Shala speak on different occasions on the subject of uncertainty. They each have a unique talent for articulating the role of accepting and respecting the unknown in making any kind of progress. They are able to present with authority and at the same time make you feel listened to more than lectured to.” Jon Hershfield, MFT, author of When a Family Member Has OCD and co-author of The Mindfulness Workbook for OCD

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