The Four Keys to Making Belief — in Ourselves, Others & Life

The title of Jeff’s second book says it all: When in Doubt, Make Belief. Just as certainly as we know that uncertainty creates doubt (pun intended…), we also know that belief—in ourselves, others, and in life—is the antidote to doubt.

Below are what we call our FOUR KEYS TO MAKING BELIEF, along with practical strategies for using each:

Key-1: Reverence – Cultivating a “Triple-A” Attitude (Abundance, Appreciation & Authenticity)

  • Choose to see the universe as friendly.
  • Embrace the possibility in every moment.The ten steps will help you step out of the shadow of doubt
  • Affirm your universal potential.

Key-2: Resolve – Maintaining Perspective in the Face of Challenge

  • Put your commitments ahead of your comfort.
  • Keep sight of the big picture and the Greater Good.

Key-3: Investment – Pursuing “Greater Good,” Choice by Choice

  • Claim and exercise your freedom to choose.
  • Picture possibility and “direct” your attention.
  • Act from abundance in ways that empower.

Key-4: Surrender – Relinquishing Attachment to Desired Outcomes

  • Accept and let go of what you cannot control.
  • Allow for bigger plans than your own to unfold.

Would you like to learn more? Check out when our next event is happening, as we do webinars on different topics each month. Also, check out our Psychology Today blog post on the Ten Steps Out When Stuck in Doubt. We look forward to sharing more with you about how to get out of doubt by making belief!