The Keys Chain: A Novel

The Keys Chain is a novel-in-progress, co-written by Jeff and Shala and based on the Greater Good principles underlying Beyond The Doubt. While we’re not quite ready to say too much about the book—which we hope to publish in late 2017—we are excited to share with you this “back cover copy” . . .Thirty-two floors above Zeke’s makeshift shelter

Zeke Hutchins is an eccentric binge-drinker, living on the streets of San Francisco. Dubbed “Preacher Man” by those who know him, Zeke is a fixture in the City’s financial district, notorious for his monthly benders and sermon-like diatribes about the hopelessness of life.

Thirty-two floors above Zeke’s makeshift shelter, Theo Robichaud works as a divorce lawyer, leveraging his stunningly handsome looks and charm on behalf of his wealthy clients, destroying spouse after spouse in the process.

While Theo has long looked down—literally and figuratively—on Zeke and his filthy world, the two men’s lives are brought together in the most unlikely of ways—through the unwitting help of a sage barkeep who calls herself Lily “Doe.”

With nothing more than Lily’s notebook scribbles, an anonymous drop-box, and a determined quest to win the heart of this mysterious beauty, Theo sets out to save Zeke. What happens in the process unveils secrets and lessons that will change both men forever.

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