3/5/16 Webinar — Making Belief:
A Crash Course in Navigating OCD Doubt

Webinar Flyer

If you have OCD, we’re guessing you’ll agree with us about the following:

  1. OCD triggers are everywhere...OCD triggers are everywhere.
  2. OCD therapy, exposure and response prevention, or ERP, while very effective, is very hard.
  3. Even after you do ERP therapy, OCD is unfortunately never totally gone, so it takes some management to keep your life your own.
  4. OCD can leave you despairing that tomorrow will be just as anxiety-filled as today. Further, it can leave you doubting yourself, others, and even life.

Before you say, “Awesome … thanks for the pick-me-up!” and close this webpage, let us just say that we get it: OCD sucks. As two OCD survivors, we know from first-hand experience the devastation that OCD can cause in your life.

We also know that OCD is not insurmountable. And that you can have a great life, even with OCD tagging along. Especially if you have some secret weapons.

Want to learn more?

Join us on Saturday, March 5, 2016, at 12 p.m. ET/11 a.m. CT/10 a.m. MT/9 a.m. PT. for a 60-minute story-filled and informative webinar, Making Belief: A Crash Course in Navigating OCD Doubt, to learn how you can stay on top of your ERP and one step ahead of your OCD.

  • It’s only $20 if you register by March 2*.learning secret weapons against OCD on the webinar!
  • We’re offering free registration to a few people willing to share an OCD episode during the webinar. If you’re interested, please contact us at shala (at) beyondthedoubt.com.
  • This webinar is a complement to therapy. But if you’re not in therapy, you’re welcome to attend as well. 

Ready to learn some secret weapons to help you get your life back from OCD? Sign up today!


*Registration increases to $30 after March 2. If you are currently unable to afford this webinar, please email us at shala (at) beyondthedoubt.com.  We offer a limited number of pro bono slots in hopes of making our work available to all who are interested.