2/20/16 Webinar — Making Belief:
A Crash Course in Navigating OCD Doubt

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canstockphoto17114457There’s a reason OCD is known as “the doubting disease.”  At its core are seemingly endless “what-if?” questions (obsessions) that create such distress that they lead sufferers to engage in all kinds of nonsensical, often-debilitating behaviors (compulsions) aiming to alleviate that distress.

As OCD survivors, we know how all-consuming doubt can be.  We’ve been there!  But we also know that the antidote to doubt is belief—in ourselves, in others, and in lifeAND that belief is something all of us can learn to build, one choice at a time.   For example:

OCD tells you:

  • The world is out to get you at every turn
  • You cannot trust yourself or the people around you
  • You must fixate on the past and future

But… WE want to help you Develop a Doubt-fighting “Triple-A” Attitude of Abundance,  Appreciation, and Authenticity.

OCD tells you:canstockphoto17632395

  • Immediate relief from anxiety is more important than anything else
  • Compulsions are “good” because they temporarily relieve anxiety
  • Your choices are always black and white

But… WE want to help you Maintain Perspective in the Face of Anxiety

OCD tells you:

  • You have no choice but to act on compulsive urges
  • You must fixate on your “what if?” questions
  • You cannot sit with your anxietycanstockphoto15917953

But… WE want to help you Pursue “Greater Good,” Choice by Choice

OCD tells you:

  • You must always maintain control.
  • You CAN maintain control IF you do your rituals
  • YOUR plans are the only ones that work

But.. WE want to help you Relinquish Attachment to Desired Outcomes

Would you like your OCD to stop telling you how to think, feel, and act? Would you like to regain your confidence and belief in yourself, others, and life? If yes, then join us, two OCD survivors, for a 90-minute entertaining and informative webinar, Making Belief: A Crash Course in Navigating OCD Doubt, on Saturday, February 20 at 3 pm ET/ 2 pm CT/ 1 pm MT/ 12 pm PT, and we’ll share how you do all of the above. 

There are a couple of things we’d like to share with you before you sign up:

  1. It’s only $20 if you register by February 18*! If you have OCD, can you think of a better use of $20 than helping you develop an canstockphoto0054030antidote to crippling doubt?
  2. Our webinar is NOT a replacement for therapy. That’s right. Do not sign up for our webinar and then cancel your next appointment with your therapist! You need him/her! In fact, we’d like for you to invite your therapist to attend, too.  Because what we’re going to share is a set of ten steps that will help motivate you to make your therapy even more effectivewhich will hopefully make you and your therapist very happy.
  3. If you don’t have a therapist, you’re welcome to register as well. We’ll be providing information at the end of the webinar about the best way to find a cognitive behavioral therapist to help you do exposure and response therapy for OCD. 

Ready for your crash course in navigating OCD doubt? Sign up today!


*Registration increases to $30 after February 18. If you are currently unable to afford this webinar, please email us at shala (at) beyondthedoubt.com.  We offer a limited number of pro bono slots in hopes of making our work available to all who are interested.