Life with OCD isn’t easy.  As two survivors of this often debilitating disorder, we get that.  We also know from experience that the single most important component of any OCD recovery (after learning exposure and response prevention (ERP), of course) is the motivation necessary to face your fears and take back your life. And that’s why we’re so excited to launch KeyWords, a daily email offering both inspiration and practical recovery tips for people who want to beat OCD and keep their lives their own.

Each Monday through Friday, KeyWords subscribers will receive an inspiring quote and OCD recovery reminder based on our Four Keys motivational framework (scroll down for an overview), along with links to additional resources.

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More About The Four Keys Motivational Framework

The good news about OCD treatment is that it works.  The bad news?  Well, this treatment process — exposure and response prevention (ERP) — is tough. Really, really tough.  Getting and staying motivated is essential.  And that’s where our Four Keys Motivational Framework fits in.

We like to think of The Four Keys as a wrapper for ERP — that is, a package of “before, during, and after” strategies for making the most of the OCD treatment/recovery process.  Above is a diagram of how all this works, and below is a quick overview of The Four Keys.


Key-1:  AAA Attitude – Cultivate an OCD-Busting Attitude of Abundance, Appreciation & Authenticity

Key-2: Resolve – Maintain Perspective Even in the Throes of OCD Challenges

Key-3: Greater Good – Choose Purpose & Service (your Greater Good) over Fear and Doubt (your OCD)

Key-4: Surrender – Let Go of What OCD Would Like You to Think You Can Control

To help you put all this together, we’ve created a video e-course called Thriving with OCD: Four Keys Out When Locked in Doubt, and we’d love to share it with you.  And don’t forget to sign up for our FREE KeyWords emails.