Motivating Toward Recovery

Strategies for Maintaining Motivation Across Treatment and Beyond

Motivating Towards Recovery in OCDJoin us at 9:15 a.m. on Friday, July 29 for our 90-minute workshop, and learn to motivate yourself to do ERP, regardless of where you are in the treatment or recovery process!

ERP is an effective yet demanding treatment, making treatment motivation essential. Unfortunately, misconceptions about motivation can make it difficult for individuals to maintain engagement. In order to help those with OCD enhance treatment motivation, panelists will present a framework for conceptualizing motivation as a skill, examining the common roadblocks and identifying specific strategies for maintaining motivation across treatment and beyond. Presenters will integrate current research/clinical insights with lessons learned from their own experiences going through OCD treatment to provide attendees with practical/tailored motivational skills. Strategies for re-framing attitudes towards anxiety and using the “greater good perspective shift” to enhance motivation will be provided. Overall, this panel will provide an interactive/inspirational venue for those with OCD to enhance treatment motivation.

You can now download slides and handouts for this workshop.

canstockphoto0054030The Conference Challenge

After our workshop, please come back to this page to get the slides and share your successes motivating yourself to do ERP during the IOCDF Conference. Each night we’ll post what everyone shares, so you can visit the page frequently to get and share motivation!