Why in the world would you want to sign up to spend 90 minutes with us, especially on a weekend? It’s a fair question, to which we have five little answers:

  • It’s timely: Uncertainty is everywhere, and it can be scary. Wouldn’t you like to know some simple ways to manage uncertainties in life, big and small, without letting fear take over?
  • It’s relevant: This is not a boring “death by Powerpoint” slide show. We promise. Yes, we do use Powerpoint. But we also build the webinar based on what’s happening in your life. When you sign up, you’ll receive a link to a two-question survey where you can anonymously tell us about the uncertainty you’re facing, allowing us to tailor our content to your needs.
  • It’s only $20: That’s less than a good deep dish pizza (we’re partial to Chicago stuffed pizza ourselves, but we digress…) with the added benefit of only giving you more wisdom, not more waistline.
  • It’s no-risk: We’re offering a money-back guarantee, just in case you’re sorta “on the fence” about whether this a good use of your time and hard-earned dough. If you don’t feel you learn something in the webinar that will make your life a little bit easier, we’ll refund your money. And then you can buy that pizza!
  • It’s loved: Not to toot our own horn, but people seem to like this webinar … just check out what past attendees had to say about our last one. And we aren’t offering this particular one again for awhile, so now’s the time to sign up.

What are you waiting for? Sign up for our next event today! (Pizza not included, unfortunately … )