Beyond the Doubt offers powerful strategies for navigating uncertainty—field-tested (and re-testedJeff-Bell and re-re-tested) by two successful survivors of the so-called Doubting Disease. Our interactive talks, workshops, and groups provide practical tools for individuals and organizations looking to thrive through uncertainty and the fear and doubt it creates.

As Co-Founders Jeff Bell and Shala Nicely like to say, their expertise is in doubt. On the one hand, both are leading voices on the topic of uncertainty; on the other, both battle a biological predisposition to question everything—including their own credentials!

Shala-NicelyJeff and Shala both hold MBAs and share a passion for storytelling. Jeff is perhaps best known for his two books on uncertainty, When in Doubt, Make Belief and Rewind, Replay, Repeat, and his longtime work as a radio news anchor in San Francisco. For her part, Shala is an anxiety disorders treatment specialist in Atlanta and author of the forthcoming book, Is Fred in the Refrigerator?

You can learn more about Jeff and Shala in Why Beyond the Doubt In the Workplace, In Anxiety Treatment, and In Everyday Life. Also, learn more about our pro bono outreach and our efforts to make our events accessible to everyone, regardless of financial means.