Hazard Hall of Fame

Life is full of hazards, but sometimes society is a little too danger-focused for our own tastes. So we’ve decided to start a Hazard Hall of Fame, where we can capture these warnings of impending doom for the benefit of future generations….if we all don’t die from one of these hazards beforehand, that is…

When we think of these warnings, what first comes to mind is the character Don Keefer’s rant on one of our favorite TV shows, The Newsroom, as he finds out he’s about to get sued and laments about the warning labels put on products today because of fear of lawsuits (our favorite part starts 47 seconds into the video below). While we haven’t personally experienced the warnings he mentions, we have no doubt (pun intended) that they exist!


innocuous chair that's really a hazard!

This chair looks innocuous enough, and comfy enough that you might want to try it out…

chair sign

…but no, you can’t! Sitting on it would be too dangerous, as you just never know when the chair is going to get you!













Granted, we know these posters are trying to prevent the spread of germs, but for those of us with anxiety it might just send us to the bathroom for another hand wash …

Bathroom danger

…where we’re reminded that not only could we get the flu, but we could slip and fall as well! And yes, we know the floors CAN be slippery, but for those of us with anxiety, it just reinforces that the universe is out to get us!














deadly windows

This is on one of Shala’s windows, and it’s on the ground floor!

dangerous pond

I know the Loch Ness monster must be in the pond somewhere, because why else would this serene pond be dangerous???










Never Open the Door for Anyone

How about this one for some anxiety-provoking black and white thinking? But have a great day anyway!